Manuscript Submission

What Can Century Publishing Provide?

Century Publishing, LLC, offers a full range of professional services and lots of encouragement. We can provide any or all of the following professional publishing services: writing, editing, design, printing, storage, and distribution. We also provide competent marketing services to targeted audiences.

We offer full publishing services for books and other products that are well written and researched that provide unique insights or approaches to the subject. We do not normally publish fiction or children’s books. We will consider manuscripts that are being submitted simultaneously to other publishers. We do ask, however, that you let us know you are also submitting it elsewhere, so misunderstandings can be avoided.

Full publishing program: Century Publishing, LLC, accepts a certain number of manuscripts each year which we publish and market at our expense. If we accept your manuscript, you will be paid royalties for the number of books sold.

Limited publishing program: If your manuscript is not selected for our full publishing program, we may still publish it if you pay for the editing, design, and printing. You would then receive the full retail price for all copies you sell.

Please understand that authoring a book worthy to be published is not an easy task. It takes countless hours of writing, refining, and editing. We recommend you read and study writers books such as Writer’s Market (Writers Digest Books), Elements of Style (White), Edit Yourself (Ross-Larson), and On Writing Well (Zinsser).

Strategy for Book Publishing, Editing, Graphic Design of Books, and Supporting Web Sites

As a virtual company, Century Publishing, LLC, reaches around the globe to find the finest writers, editors, designers, web developers, translators, and printing facilities who provide services as independent contractors. The company utilizes the latest information and telecommunication technologies to allow individuals to work together although geographically distant.

This project approach to publishing provides the best-suited talent for each project while keeping overhead and management costs at a minimum. The management of publication projects, book warehousing, and order processing and fulfillment are performed at headquarters with minimal space and facilities requirements.

Steps in Submitting Your Manuscript

  • Prepare a Book Proposal (see guidelines below).
  • Send us two or three sample chapters.
  • Email them to Please do not phone us with manuscript ideas as we cannot evaluate proposals by telephone.
  • Expect an initial response from us in two to six weeks.

Book Proposal

Take the time to submit a professional proposal, neatly presented and clearly organized. A disorganized and sloppy proposal suggests an inferior book. Be sure your proposal answers the following questions:

  1. Title. Give the proposed title of the book (or other product).
  2. Author information. Give your name, address, and contact information. Introduce yourself briefly and list your qualifications to write on the subject. Who else has assisted you in writing this book?
  3. Size and format. How many manuscript pages (8.5 x 11-inch pages, double-spaced) do you expect the completed book to be? Will it contain charts, graphs, illustrations, or photographs? Approximately how many of each type?
  4. Market. Describe the market for your book. To whom did you write the book? What are the needs/desires of these individuals and why should they buy your book?
  5. Competition. What other books are already published on this subject? Why is your book better than the others? What unique niche does your book serve that the others do not?
  6. Contents. Describe the proposed chapters in the book. If already written, list the chapter titles and briefly describe the contents of each chapter.
  7. Methodology. Describe your methodology in writing the book. Why did you write it? (For example, to encourage, promote practical application, provide information, stimulate thinking, etc.) What outcome do you expect from the reader?
  8. Supplements. Indicate if any supplements would be helpful, such as a teacher guide, student guide, video, audiocassette, audio CD, CD-ROM, website, etc.
  9. Schedule. How much is completed now? When do you expect to complete the entire manuscript?
  10. Reviewer suggestions. Who would be qualified to review the manuscript for content or technical accuracy?

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts must be prepared using standard word processing programs. Use the word processing program to mark heading levels (heading1, heading2, heading3, etc.). Grammar, style, and punctuation should follow normal English language usage. We use The Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press).

Quotations: Be sure to include complete publishing information for the sources of quotations, including the author and title of the work, the place of publication, the name of the publisher, the publication date, and the page(s) of the quotation. If you wish, you may cite just the author, title, and page numbers in the text, then provide complete publishing information in a bibliography. Keep a photocopy of the original source as well as a photocopy of the title page and copyright page of the book from which you are quoting. You will need to provide this information if your manuscript is accepted for publication. Use the word processing program functions to enter footnotes or endnotes.

Permissions: You must obtain permission to use all quotations that are under copyright. (We can assist with this process if you wish.) This includes lengthy prose quotations (more than a few lines) and all lyrics and poems. Because of the difficulty in finding copyright holders to secure permissions and the heavy fees usually charged, we discourage the use of poetry or words from songs. You may wish to wait until your manuscript has been accepted for publication before securing permissions.

Copyright protection of your work: You need not worry that we will steal your idea or any part of your manuscript. No reputable publisher will do that. Nor do you need to register your manuscript for copyright before submitting it. Under the current U.S. copyright law, your book is already protected the moment you set it down on paper, even though it may not be formally registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. If you wish, put a notice on the title page in the following manner: “© 2011 (or the current year), John Doe (your formal name). All rights reserved.”

What Happens After I Submit My Manuscript?

After the editorial and marketing staffs have reviewed your manuscript they may (1) accept it for our full publishing program, (2) invite you to revise and resubmit it, (3) accept it for our limited publishing program, or (4) reject it.

We regret that we cannot accept all manuscripts nor can we provide a detailed critique or evaluation of all manuscripts. Many factors must be taken into account in deciding which manuscripts are accepted for publication, and rejection does not necessarily mean that the manuscript is not publishable—only that it is not right for Century Publishing, LLC, at this time. We can only accept a limited number of manuscripts from the many submitted to us.

If your manuscript is accepted, this is not the end of your work. Please understand that preparing a manuscript for publication can be a painstaking process. Manuscripts typically undergo several revisions and copy editing before they are ready to be published. If you are asked to revise your manuscript, please do not be offended. This is actually a positive response, indicating that your manuscript has potential for publication.

The Publishing Contract

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, we will send you a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of our agreement.

Production of Your Book

After your manuscript has been accepted, we will prepare a production schedule. Books usually take two to eight months to be published. You will be asked to supply us with an electronic file containing the text of the manuscript.

Typically, your manuscript will be assigned to a structural editor, who may make editorial recommendations on the structure, logic, and flow of the manuscript. This editor will not try to rewrite your manuscript; we want to retain your individual style. However, she/he may recommend ways to improve the readability of the manuscript, such as filling in portions that may be weak or reordering sections of the manuscript. The editor’s job is to help you convey your message in the most meaningful and concise way possible. It will then be assigned to a copy editor and/or proofreader, who will edit your manuscript carefully for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

The title of your book will greatly affect its sales. For that reason, if we feel your original title is not suitable, we may ask your help in choosing a new one.

Once you approve the final text, a designer will determine the layout for the inside pages as well as the cover and any illustrations. If you plan to prepare your own illustrations, please submit samples before you go to the time and expense of preparing final art. Because of their importance to the marketability of your book, Century Publishing, LLC, reserves the right to make final decisions on cover and interior art and design.

When the layout is completed, you will be sent proofs for your final approval. It is important that you review them carefully and promptly. Corrections at this stage must be kept to a minimum, since they are costly and time-consuming. If you insist on excessive changes to the final proofs, you may be charged associated costs.

Century Publishing, LLC, will arrange for copyright registration and Library of Congress cataloging. We will determine the retail price and number of books to be printed.

Marketing Your Book

We provide competent marketing and distribution services to targeted markets. Promotion of your book will begin three to four months before it is to be released. You will be asked to complete an Author Questionnaire to help identify potential markets and buyers. We develop an individualized marketing strategy for each book. Although we make all decisions regarding promotion of our publications, we look to our authors as key partners in the marketing process. We want to do everything possible to make your book successful. Alternatively, you may choose to market the book yourself.

Any Questions?

We enjoy our relationship with our authors and hope you may become one of them. If you have questions about our publishing program or our consideration of your manuscript, please contact us.


This web page is for information purposes only and is not legally binding. Century Publishing, LLC, reserves the right to change its policies at any time without notice.