Tales of the Cakchiquels: Trilingual Collection of Folklore from the Cakchiquel Indians of Guatemala

Cuentos de los cakchiqueles: Recopilación trilingüe de cuentos populares de los indígenes cakchiqueles de Guatemala

compiled and translated by

Folklore of the Cakchiquel Indians from Guatemala. Includes the Cakchiquel transcriptions as well as translations into Spanish and English.

These stories were collected by Larry Richman in the summer of 1978. He interviewed several Cakchiquel Indians in Patzún, Patzicía, and Tecpán and made audio recordings as they recounted their tales in Cakchiquel. He transcribed the recordings, then translated each story into Spanish and English. He was careful in the translations to retain much of the flavor of the Cakchiquel original.

The booklet has three purposes. It can be useful to students of the Cakchiquel language since the original stories are transcriptions of native Cakchiquel speech, and English and Spanish translations are included to help make the meaning clear. Secondly, these tales should be helpful to anthropologists and others who are interested in a deeper insight to the Cakchiquel Indian culture of Guatemala. And finally, anyone who appreciates folklore should find this book interesting.

Listen to audio files of stories as told by Pedro & Agusto Tukubal from Tecpan, Fidel Cujcuj from Patzicia, Cristobal Juarez, and others:

Languages: English, Spanish, Cakchiquel
Format: pocket-sized softbound, 4.25″ x 6.75″, 92 pgs
ISBN 0-941846-01-6

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