The following organizations can provide education and help to individuals who experience same-sex attractions. Some are faith-based ministries and others are professional or service organizations.

Courage  An organization for Roman Catholics who wish to follow the teachings of the church about homosexuality. They offer support groups and counseling services.

Desert Stream  Provides Christ-centered help for those struggling with a variety of sexual and relational problems, and for those with life-defining illnesses.

Exodus Global Alliance  This network of interdenominational Christian ministries offers support to men and women seeking to overcome same-sex attraction (homosexuality). Exodus maintains a referral list of ministries, churches, and individuals. It also publishes a newsletter and sponsors conferences. Call or write for an introductory packet of information. PO Box 540119, Orlando, FL 32854, phone 407-599-6872.

Family Research Council  A research, resource, and educational organization that promotes the traditional family. It opposes gay marriage and adoption rights. It publishes numerous reports and newsletters from a conservative perspective on issues affecting the family. 700 13th Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005, phone 202/393–2100.

Focus on the Family  A Christian organization that seeks to strengthen the traditional family. It has done research on homosexuality and school programs, civil rights laws, and other public policy questions. They publish numerous books and a monthly magazine. 420 N. Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, phone 719/531-3400.

Homosexuals Anonymous  A nondenominational Christian organization that uses a modified twelve–step program modeled on that of Alcoholics Anonymous. The organization publishes a newsletter and other publications. P. O. Box 7881, Reading, PA 19603, phone 800/253-3000 or 610/376–1146. 

Living H.O.P.E. Ministries  An interdenominational ministry seeking to serve the Body of Christ with support groups, and counseling to those dealing with or affected by homosexuality.

International Healing Foundation  A non-profit organization offering healing seminars, teleconferencing classes, speaking engagements, consultations, supervision, resource materials, and referral services. The director, Richard Cohen, M.A., is a prominent therapist in the field of sexual reorientation who has overcome same-sex attraction (homosexuality)himself. P.O. Box 901 Bowie, MD 20718, phone: 301/805-6111.

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity A multi-disciplinary professional and scientific organization dedicated to preserving the right of individuals to obtain the services of a therapist who honors their values, advocating for integrity and objectivity in social science research, and ensuring that competent licensed, professional assistance is available for persons who experience unwanted homosexual attractions.. Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, 888-364-4744,

Generous Space Ministeries  A Christian group in Canada that offers support to those choosing to leave same-sex attraction (homosexuality), and equipping the church to minister effectively and compassionately. Generous Space Ministeries

North Star A place of community for Latter-day Saints dealing with issues surrounding homosexual attraction who desire to live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the values and doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

One by One  The ex-gay ministry of the Presbyterian church. P.O. Box 10055, Rochester, NY 14610, phone: 716/482-1991.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (P-FOX) An organization of parents, spouses, family members and friends providing outreach, education, and public awareness in support of the ex-gay community and families touched by homosexuality. PFOX supports families, advocates for the ex-gay community, and educates the public on sexual orientation. P.O. Box 561, Belvoir, VA 22060, phone: 703/360-2225. 

Brothers on a Road Less Traveled  A comprehensive website of valuable information for people who want to overcome same-sex attraction (homosexuality).

Positive Approaches To Healthy Sexuality  A non-profit coalition of organizations that help people with unwanted same-sex attractions realize their personal goals for change–whether by developing their innate heterosexual potential or by embracing a lifestyle as a single, non-sexually active man or woman.

The Legacy Outreach  A nonbinding fellowship of Christian ministries led by and primarily for people of color who struggle with homosexuality, gender identity and sexual damage. They advocate for the choice to change.

Reach Truth is an online program for individuals to find truth and grace in their sexual struggle. Reach Truth provides hope and encouragement as you journey to learn about the truth.  An informational website that explains the issues about same-sex attraction (homosexuality) and provides alternatives for those who don’t want to live a gay life. Based on traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. Contains practical helps and resources.

Sexaholics Anonymous  A fellowship of men and women who want to stop their sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior. The philosophy and program is taken directly from the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. P. O. Box 111910, Nashville, TN 37222, phone 615/331–6230.

STAR Program (Sexual Trauma And Recovery) ( offers programs for sexual addiction and sexual codependency.

Transforming Congregations  A ministry of United Methodist Churches that affirms “the Biblical position that God loves all persons, that homosexual practice is one sin among many and that the Holy Spirit is available to transform all persons – including homosexual persons.” P.O. Box 7146, Penndel, PA 19047, phone: 215/752-9655.

True Freedom Trust (, a Christian, ex-gay ministry based in the United Kingdom.

Where Grace Abounds  A Christian ministry that guides and supports men and women who seek to understand sexuality and relationship, and to inspire all people to know and personally appropriate God’s plan for their sexuality and relationships. Provides help with sexual addiction, pornography, past sexual abuse, homosexuality, sexual identity, false intimacy, boundaries, and codependency. 

The Legacy Outreach ( African American outreach, evangelism and support to same-sex-attracted men and women.