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Project Management Step-by-Step Instructor Guide


 This guide saves dozens of hours in preparation time.

Outline of the Instructor Guide:

  • Why adopt this text for your course?
    • Promotes practical application 
    • Good reference book 
    • Website 
    • Reasonably priced text 
    • Consistent with the PMBOK® Guide 2000
    • Written using proven instructional design strategies 
  • Suggested Teaching Schedule 
    • Six-week course (3-4 hour classes) 
    • Typical semester (16 one-hour classes) 
  • Handouts 
  • Classroom Exercises 
  • Overhead slides for the classroom, following the outline of the book, in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

What the instructors say:

“Thank you so much for the Instructor Guide. The overhead slides have saved me so much time in preparing for this class.”  Vicki Jodsaas, Alexandria Technical College, Alexandria, Minn.


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