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About Us

Century Publishing provides writing, editing, translation, graphic design, web design, website management, printing, and distribution services. Rather than following the typical business model of serving local customers with local talent, we service global customers with global talent. Customers from around the world seek our services, and we find the best editors, designers, translators, and printers around the world who can provide the services you need, from professional high-end work to the most budget-conscious.


The company publishes books, booklets, and educational games on a wide variety of topics, including religion, social issues, business, and biographies. It also offers complete website design and management for profit and non-profit organizations.


Century Publishing is a custom publishing company helping connect authors, editors, designers, printers, distributors, and readers of niche subjects. We recognize that the old way of doing business has changed. We specialize in preparing publications for small-run printing or web-only publishing. We find ways to create products whether your budgets are large or small.

As a virtual company, Century Publishing reaches around the globe to find the finest writers, editors, designers, web developers, translators, and printing facilities who provide services as independent contractors. We utilize the latest information and telecommunication technologies to allow individuals to work together although geographically distant. This project approach to publishing provides the best-suited talent for each project while keeping overhead and management costs at a minimum. The management of publication projects, book warehousing, and order processing and fulfillment are performed at headquarters with minimal space and facilities requirements.

At Century Publishing, we believe that doing good is the responsible thing. Companies need to make a profit, but they should also give back to the community. Century Publishing donates a portion of the proceeds from books sales to educational and nonprofit organizations.


The company was founded in July 1981 and operated under the names Richman Communications and Richman Publishing until March 15, 1995, when the company was acquired by Century Publishing.

Markets and competition

Since Century Publishing typically publishes in niche markets, such as social issues, religion, and business, it has limited competition. Nevertheless, it carefully considers existing and potential competition in all publication decisions.

Sales strategy and major customers

Approximately 70% of Century Publishing’s annual sales are to retail stores and organizations for resale. The remaining 30% are to individuals and organizations who respond to direct mail and online advertising and order products directly from the company. 

Sales policies (discounts, terms, return policies)

Century Publishing provides the industry-standard 40% discount to retail stores, bookstores, libraries, and other organizations.. Occasionally, special discounts are offered.

Standard payment terms are 30 days net.

Century Publishing accepts returns in sellable condition. Refunds or credits are for the amount paid, less shipping.


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